Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sometimes I feel like I am barely able to stay afloat this thing called wife/Mommy. As of right now and for awhile my husband(active duty Army) works what seems like a million crazy hours and on top of that is taking FIVE (yes 5 classes, working full time and has a wife and 4 kids, how does he do it?) classes. This means I am juggling stuff by myself a majority of the time. I realize it could be a lot worse. He could be deployed and I thank God he is not. But that doesn't seem to make the everyday battle any easier. September was a crazy month for us and things have not slowed down in the least bit. We closed and moved into a new house. Our third child (Jackson) turned two a week labor and I went into labor during his birthday with baby #4(Knox). So I didn't really have the time in that one week to get our new house settled and under control. And on top of all that... Knox had some major health issues. He was failure to thrive for over two months. At 9 or 10 weeks he was only at his birth weight. Well since he was failure to thrive he ate constantly. No exaggeration here. He was attached to me 100 percent of the time. And if I hadn't let him nurse all the time he probably wouldn't have made it. Thank goodness I didn't do the "cry it out." So as you can imagine our sweet little two year old probably hasn't gotten all the attention he needs and deserves. (This is me feeling terrible quilt.) Being the best Mom I can be and giving all of my children is one of the most important things to me. I think I am reaping the affects of that now. He has got the WORST attitude known to mankind. I mean it's really a good thing I birthed the kid otherwise I don't know how I would handle it. I am really not even sure what to do about it, but it is driving my batty! I really don't need to be anymore batty than I already am! ;) So right now I am trying to figure out how exactly to handle him in a graceful, loving manner. And take care of everything else. This should be interesting!

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