Monday, July 11, 2011

F= friend, foggy, four

I think it was January 16th 2010, I was at a CAPPA Doula training in Austin with a a good friend. We both left our three children with our husband's for the weekend so we could learn more "birthy" stuff. It was awesome! We both LOVE birth and had basically everything in common. Our husbands deployed at the same time for the first two deployments, our kids were basically the same age and gender, we pretty much had the same story.

It's no surprise that I was so emotional through this because birth and breastfeeding are something I hold close to my heart. We were having a great time learning and talking about birth and breastfeeding with other women who had the same desire to do so. We had dinner just the two of us, with out all six children which was very different and so enjoyable.

But we came to the end of our training and started making our way back to our three kids and husband's but Sarah insisted we make a pit stop, for what? A pregnancy test. But not for her, for me. I was very hesitant because we had been trying for some time and I really didn't want to waste the money and be let down once again. But Sarah insisted, I mean after all she had just found out she was pregnant, so why wouldn't I be too? So we stopped at Wally World and took the pregnancy test right there in there in their bathroom. As she stood outside of the stall waiting for me, I told her it was negative. She wanted to look for herself so I opened the door to hand it over and she yelled, "You're pregnant!" We instantly jumped, screamed, and then hugged. Leave it to two birth loving girls in a Walmart bathroom to do this. I am sure people were wondering what the heck was going on in there.

So after seeing the two lines for myself we headed back out into Wally World so I could find some "unique" way of telling my husband since he didn't know yet. I ended up with a birthday candle number 4, and a card that read something along the lines of, CONGRATS, You did it! Job well done! I thought it fit perfectly since we like to joke with each other and had been "trying" for a little while. After taking Sarah to her home, I headed home to see my kids and husband and break the news to him. So I handed him a little gift bag, with what he thought was a "Thank you for holding the fort down gift." He pulled out the four with a very confused look and started reading the card and just said, "Really?!?!" And gave me a huge hug. It was awesome!

I am trying to start from the very beginning of Knox's existence since I can barely remember his first 6 months. My memory is so foggy, it breaks my heart. It's possible he is my last baby, and I want to try to coax the memories out.