Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing whirlwind

Our life has always been a whirlwind and that just seems to define us. From the very beginning when we got married, had a baby and Daddy went to war within a 4 day period.

Having said that we just celebrated 7 years of marriage and 7 years of parenting to our sweet little girl, Shayleigh. She amazes me. I know that I am better person for having her in my life.

These are just some things that make her, Shayleigh.

She has one of the biggest, caring, giving hearts of anyone I know. For example, recently she said she wanted to pray for those people that don' have homes, food, warm bed. Well so okay praying doesn't say all that much. Anyone can say they want to pray for someone. But she continued on to say that she wants to take food to them. So now we are going to get together some stuff and take it to the shelter. She always wants to help people. All people. I mean really she's only 7.

She is funny. She has such an awesome sense of humor. And a laugh that is contagious!

She loves to read. And I love that she loves to read. I didn't grow up enjoying books. I wish I had but I didn't. I don't remember having a lot of books that I actually wanted to read. She reads to her little brothers and stays up in bed reading until she falls asleep. So cute!

She has her very own since of style. There may have been a point when I tried to fight that, not anymore. As long as she's presentable I let her choose her outfits. What's the point in fighting it? I want her to find who she is. So if she wants to wear cowboy boots with shorts, so be it.

She loves music, especially Christian music. One of my most favorite things that have happened recently was this. Sean uploaded whatever music we had on our computer to her IPOD and she came up to me and said, “I love this birth music. It's beautiful." If you know how much I love pregnancy and birth you will understand why that just melted my heart. I think she is a little midwife in the making. How did she even know that it was or could have been birth music? It is the song "Amazing" by Janelle. She goes around dancing and singing all the time.

She LOVES her brothers!

She is (pretty much) always eager to help me.

She LOVES to be outdoors. I think she has pretty much always been this way.

She might act shy for a second but can make a friend anytime or anywhere.

She writes notes and I love that.

She's very curious and always wants to know more.

Another thing that she is so very eager to do is cut her hair which is getting very long and donate it to "Locks of Love," so a little girl that doesn't have hair can have hers as a wig.

And she's stubborn.

I could go on and on but that is just some stuff about the little girl who changed my life!

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